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During the session, many compare the feeling of the laser’s pulse to the snap of a rubber band. Over the course of the next one to three weeks, the treated hair falls out. The process requires a series of treatments, but results can be seen after just the first time, proving how effective even just the initial treatment can be. With every treatment you’ll progressively see fewer and fewer hairs return. Finishing the entire series of treatments is crucial, as that ensures that you see the highest degree of permanent hair reduction. Stop worrying about the constant upkeep and start enjoying the freedom of silky smooth skin, year-round. See below for a more in depth description.

IPL stands for “intensed pulsed light” and is not a laser. While IPLs can be effective for some cosmetic procedures, our experience supports the more powerful, yet safer and faster use of the medical grade Syneron Candela laser for a more permanent solution to hair removal.

Everyone’s hair grows differently, depending on age, weight, metabolism, hormones, hair thickness, the area treated, medications, ethnicity and other factors. Typically, most individuals require between six to 12 sessions. For optimal long-term benefits, treatments are phased to coincide with your hair growth cycle to maximise the percentage of reduction per treatment. After that, touch-up treatments can be performed for any new growth.

The Laser & Beauty Boutique do not con our clients into believing that they are purchasing a full body treatment at a discounted rate, only to find out later that a large portion of body parts are actually not included in the treatment. Our full body sessions include every single part on the body, apart from the hair on your head – unless you want that permanently removed also.

We currently offer laser hair removal treatments to people aged 16 years and above. Those under the age of 18 years of age require a parent or legal guardian present at all times.  

 Laser Hair Removal is possible on virtually all areas of the body. With a series of treatments, as long as the hair has strong colour (blonde, grey and white hairs are not effective), we can treat the face, forehead, neck, chest, back, buttocks, bikini area, legs, even fingers and toes.

Please shave the area to be treated one to three days prior to treatment. Facial hair does not always need to be shaved; sometimes it just needs a little trim. Your laser specialist can help you with this. Please make sure you wash off all make-up prior to treatment. Avoid using long lasting lipstick or any makeup that does not remove easily the day of the treatment. Please ensure you have not had any sun exposure to treated areas e.g. sun tanning. Any tanning requires a 4 week break before coming in for your next session. Please stop using self-tanning lotions or sprays three weeks before treatment. During your treatment protective goggles must be worn at all times to protect your eyes from intense laser light.

Everyone’s hair grows in cycles that consists of three phases – the Anagen phase (active growth), Catagen phase (dormant growth) and Telogen phase (fall-out stage). Hair can only be permanently destroyed during the Anagen phase. During this active phase, hair follicles have an abundance of colour and are being fed by blood vessels. The heat generated by the laser seals off the blood vessels to these active hairs preventing them from growing back. You can expect that 50-85% of hairs are in the active growth phase at one time, but typically only 5-35% of these hairs will contain enough pigment to be permanently reduced. Surviving hairs will come back, but usually weaker and finer in texture. In order for our treatments to be effective, our program takes a phased approach to laser hair reduction to coincide with the Anagen phase of hair growth, maximising the effectiveness of each treatment.



Immediately after the treatments, mild redness, a little swelling and even some little bumps at the treatment area are not uncommon and may last up to 24 hours. It is normal for the treated area to feel like a mild sunburn during this time. For discomfort you may apply cold packs or our Laser Aid aftercare products. We recommend and are authorised distributors of Skinstitut products. We sell products in store that can assist healing. Darker pigmented skin may experience slightly more discomfort than lighter skin; Laser Aid is still suggested in these instances. For treatments on your face, do not apply any makeup, self-tanning, scented lotions, or any similar products to the area for 24 hours. Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of dark or light spots. Use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher throughout the course of your treatments and for six to eight weeks after if going out in the sun. We also sell Skinstitut SPF 50+ in store. In rare cases, some people experience a small blister or crusting. If this happens, do not pick or scratch as this may result in permanent scarring. Use a small amount of Laser Aid to assist in the healing process. Refrain from waxing and plucking the treated area throughout the duration of your laser treatment program for best results. Shaving is okay! To wash the treated areas, be gentle and use a mild soap in the shower or bath. Skin should be patted dry after washing, and use of deodorants is perfectly fine after 24 hours. Shedding of hair will occur anywhere from five to 30 days after a treatment session. This may appear as new hair growth but it is actually dead hair being pushed from the skin. To assist in the process, washing or wiping with a washcloth will exfoliate the skin or you can use our Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% that will also assist in the shedding process. Hair re-growth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body. For this reason, generally six weeks is required in between treatments. Call The Laser & Beauty Boutique with any questions or concerns, if you are experiencing signs of burning, blistering, excessive redness or prolonged discomfort. It is best to call us right away and not to ask a friend or search on Google as you could be easily misguided.

Many medications do not effect laser hair removal treatment; however, some medications cause the skin to become sensitive to light (photosensitive) or cause changes at a cellular level within the skin. These cannot be taken while having laser treatment. We operate under strict guidelines and if your medical circumstances change during the course of your treatments, we may ask for written consent from your GP to ensure we are safe to proceed with further treatments. Here are some medications that increase photo sensitivity. Taking them would make you unsuitable at this time. Here are some examples: Aldactone, Roaccutane, Androcur and St John’s Wort. If you have a history of herpes it is recommended that you contact your doctor before laser removal treatment begins.

New laser technology has made laser hair removal treatments highly effective and virtually painless. Long gone are the days of painful treatment programs that took forever to complete. Modern laser technology targets hair follicles with a focused beam of highly concentrated light. A split-second pulse of the laser causes the pigment in the hair follicle to absorb the laser’s energy, converting that energy into heat and disables the hair follicle. By staggering treatments to target hairs during their active phases of growth, permanent hair reduction can be achieved.

See below for a more in-depth description.  


Regardless of which area you’re looking to de-fuzz, laser hair removal can help. In a matter of minutes, hair follicles are destroyed with minimal discomfort. Using highly concentrated energy, hair follicles are targeted and pulses of light are emitted. The laser’s energy is attracted to the pigment of hair, the same way sunlight is attracted to darker clothing.

For this reason, laser hair removal works best on those with dark, coarse hair and a fair complexion. However, people without this combination can still get great results. Everyone’s skin is different, which is why we will customise your treatment during your FREE CONSULTATION to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

Forget the false promises of IPL treatments. At the Laser & Beauty Boutique, we use the most innovative technology available in the market today. A medical grade Candela laser machine that precisely targets the hair follicle, destroys its growth and leaves you with beautiful and gorgeous, hair-free skin. 

There are many benefits of having hair-free skin. Unwanted hair on the human body can cause feelings of embarrassment in both men and women of all ages. The Laser & Beauty Boutique offer treatment programs to target any area of concern such as face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, legs, bikini areas and even fingers and toes. Unwanted hair doesn’t need to leave you feeling self-conscious anymore!

Save time & money with laser hair removal. Say goodbye to endless hours of plucking, shaving and waxing while hoping it won’t grow back before that big date or holiday with loved ones. All these other hair removal alternatives are simply expensive and ineffective.

The Laser & Beauty Boutique in Craigieburn truly believes in feeling confident and want people of all walks of life to experience laser hair removal.

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